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Dispute Intervention and Prevention Services, LLC provides professional assistance in resolving conflicts between parties, whether those parties are adversaries or members of the same organization. DIPS aims to find mutually agreeable solutions and systems for organizations, preventing escalation and litigation. DIPS also provides alternative dispute resolution services for parties already engaged in litigation, to help avoid the time and expense of trial.

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Conflict Assessments & System Design

Conflict Assessments

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Samantha S. Epstein, Esq.


About Samantha

Ms. Epstein’s career in criminal and civil litigation has prepared her to help resolve any dispute. She has handled a wide variety of cases, from murder to petit theft, from multi-million-dollar commercial disputes to single family homeowners’ disputes. She has extensive personal experience as an advocate in all facets of litigation and appellate work, as well as various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

She has earned top marks in her alternative dispute resolution LLM program, studying the latest conflict resolution techniques and theories. During her course of study, she has developed conflict resolution and prevention systems for organizations, particularly law firms. Her unique perspective makes her an outstanding neutral for any dispute and provides her with the tools to help law firms and other organizations enhance their internal conflict competence.

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